Planet Mosh Review 5/5

This second album from Oklahomans Rainbows Are Free immediately wins the PlanetMosh award for THE best song title of the year (if not possibly ever?), in the form of opening track ‘Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfuckers From A Place Beyond Hell’.  It’s a title, and indeed a song, which summarizes the drugged-up, psyched-out, battered and bluesed nature of this soporific yet energizing opus.


Yes, I know that’s a contradiction, but that is genuinely the effect that ‘Waves Ahead..’ has:  it washes over you like a gentle wave before slapping you in the face with the acidity of the salt water it brings with it, easing your weary bones yet invigorating your senses with its subdued and understated energy.


Weaving elements of classic southern groove into their overarching heavy doom sound, RAF have succeeded in producing a sound that almost defies genre-fication and proves rewarding on so many physical and psychological levels.


Track list:


Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfuckers From A Place Beyond Hell / The Botanist / Waves Ahead Of The Ocean / Sonic Demon / Cadillac / Snake Bitten By Love / Burn And Die / Comet


Recommended listening:  Snake Bitten By Love


‘Waves Ahead Of The Ocean’ is out now on Cargo Records.

Mark Ashby
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