Review 'Waves Ahead of the Ocean' - Rainbows Are Free

Review: ‘Waves Ahead of the Ocean’ – Rainbows are Free

07 Aug, 2014

ArtistRainbows are Free
AlbumWaves Ahead of the Ocean
Genre: Doom Metal
Stand Out Tracks: ‘Waves Ahead of the Ocean’, ‘The Botanist’, ‘Cadillac’, ‘Sonic Demon’, ‘Comet
Release Date: August 4th 2014

Rainbows are Free are a band whose star has steadily, but modestly, risen in their native USA since their formation in 2005, but, as of yet, the quintet haven’t made much of a splash across the pond. Hopefully this will all change with their latest release ‘Waves Ahead of the Ocean’, due out in the UK in early August.

Packed full of big grooves and even bigger riffs, ‘Waves Ahead of the Ocean’ is a good effort. The songs are catchy, it’s ball-breakingly heavy, and on the whole it’s a really enjoyable listen. It also should be noted that frontman Brandon Kistler’s vocals perfectly contrast with the music, and while his range is clearly different, the way his vocals cut across the doomy riffs makes this release reminiscent of some early Black Sabbathmaterial.

Critically, though, it has to be pointed out that this release is nothing particularly new or daring; the album might be entitled waves ahead of the ocean, but the music is playing it safe in the shallows, and certainly doesn’t go against the tide; there’s nothing that really makes them stand out from other bands in the genre.

Despite this though, there’s something inherently likeable about this album and indeed this band. Okay, so ‘Waves Ahead of the Ocean’ [7] isn’t breaking new ground, but that’s not to say it’s a bad album – far from it. It’s a great listen, and one all doom fans would do well to check out. There are some real gems in this album, especially in ‘Cadillac’ and ‘Comet’ where the band’s full musical potential is revealed.  Rainbows are Free have received many plaudits in their native Oklahoma, and it’s clear why – they might not yet be the finished article, but they have the potential to be the real deal.

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