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2014 Ahead of the Ocean Waves Studio Album 
2010 Believers in Medicine studio albums 


Believers in Medicine << Ahead of the Ocean Waves  

It must be more than most likely, better references to cite, you will doubt in the light of the tags mentioned against, to put Rainbows Are Free: Still, the only name that header me to hear them here is that of the almighty Reverend Bizarre. One go, which would have discovered the charms of the convertible. 
But it's good that I feel the spirit in this similar sardonisme so vindictive, bitter and musky it right accesses like an arrow on top of the sexual food chain. It is not only under a non-credible voice just which couples infects bogossitude Chris Cornell when Soundgarden was playing hard, and Jeff Angell, the imperial authority SAS Sami is that 'Rainbows Are Free also gives such ruthless lessons mindless heroism in the vast majority of groups of epic doom, he must at least call the Reverend to support the heat of the flames and bearing wide worthy a War Pigs that spit fire in the ass (for dunces, I recall that my little War Pigs are the equivalent of a Milligram who spit fire in the ass). 
But ... simply phenomenal power, or at least just making ignition, such purposes and identified as a desire to fornicate pieces should still not trouble divine fiber of a singer who hangs in pieces shreds hilarious open on the road in the most violent solar and the most blinding savagery, those who stutter, drool and babble of pure joy tomb. 
In short: we will not get out. Then in every way, this grade compliance and mythological trappings promises container is not hard, it's a case of possession. Or as another said: hello, motherfucker! 

-gulo gulo , February 2014

Ahead of the Ocean Waves in three words: prodigious, pyromaniac, panic

Gulo Gulo
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