A Psychedlic Stoner Delight!

Rainbows are Free - Waves ahead of the Ocean

(CD Album Review)


A Psychedelic Stoner delight!

I have to say I love the Psychedelic 60's looking cover of what looks like old father time or which could be a weird picture of God and I kind of knew what to expect from this release. I knew it was going to bePsychedelic, Stoner Rock and it didn't disappoint. If you like stuff like Orange Goblin and Electric Wizard your going to love this. Rainbows are Free also sound like they have been influenced by Downand Black label Society but taking their original idea from the works of legends like Black Sabbath and of course Led Zeppelin.

What I notice from the first track is that the vocals are very strong in the mix and the confidence of this band is riding high. This is a band that love what they do and are very tight, their is big beats their is riffs and it's a great sound that hits you from the first bar. The long titled 'Speed God and the rise of the motherf**kers from a place beyond Hell' think answers who is on the cover... it must be God. This song like the rest on the album could have been recorded back in the 70's if it wasn't for the high production sound of the recording which sounds simply fantastic. This song really get's the album following nicely and leads on well to the riff laden 'The Botanist' which is one of the best pieces of Stoner Rock I have heard in a long time and if it was a little more gritty for me would be an instant classic. 

You can just imagine this track live and Down Esq. groove moving you to drink and have a good time... but don't forget this kind of music is smoking music but of course you can't break the smoking band. The groove is insanely brilliant and I do wonder why I have not heard more about this band, I am not sure their name is helping them. Title track 'Waves ahead of the Ocean' has a great atmosphere to it and moves on do a great beat led by the drums and has a few small light lifts that make it interesting. Again the vocals are perfect sounding exactly how they are meant to, but even though I am falling in love with this the lack of grit is playing on my mind a little. It's just a little too new for the sound they are creating. 

'Sonic Demon' is a track that Black Sabbath or any band would kill to have in their arsenal and is a future classic like other tracks on this recording. I also like the fact you can feel the emotion that singerB.Fain puts into it as the classic riffs laid down by Richie Tarver light it up. Also half way through it goes into a riff and drums that would just be electrifying on the live stage. 'Cadillac' is a nice interlude and again shows of the band can do but it's 'Shake bitten By' which is my favourite track on the record. It'sMonster Magnet Esq. groove and Classic Rock riff just explodes in your face and could have been written by Euroboy (Turbonegro) or one of other greats in the scene. This song really skips genres and could even be a commercial Rock track. 

The guitar sounds awesome 'Burn and Die' which sounds a little Alice in Chains like in places if they were in a Black Sabbath covers band. I also like the way this track builds up and grows as it goes on. I think this one would go down well at a festival or an event in the summer. The last track is 'Comet' which starts with a steady drum beat which get's bigger as it moves on. When the riff hits in this song really arrives and the vocals even go a little bit Vandal X in places but steady and dark in other places. This tune is a great way to end the album full of singles and stand out tracks none better than the other. Yes this is a really strong offering from Rainbows are Free and a essential purchase.

I had really looked forward to the new Black label Society record 'Catacombs of the black Vatican'but I think 'Waves ahead of the Ocean' is a much better way to spend your money. Each track has something new to offer and the recording is second to none. For a second album this is way impressive and this is a band that can't be ignored in the future. If you love Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Electric Wizard and Orange Goblin then this will be your new favourite band.

Review by Dan Devour

Listen! to the title Track 'Waves ahead of the Ocean' Below...



Dan Devour
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