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Written by Nev Brooks   
Monday, 03 March 2014 04:00

Rainbows Are FreeWhat a week for new bands in the Brooks’ household! After having Kamchatka locked on the stereo for the past two weeks, this baby landed courtesy of Dropbox, and whilst strictly not a new band Rainbows Are Free from Norma OK are a new one on me again! Bloody hell how vibrant has music become in this sphere we call rock, talk about getting the juices flowing.


I would call this classic stuff, but the band definitely tread the psychedelic stoner path on a par with the seminal ‘Blues From A Red Sun’ era Kyuss, whilst also pushing the last two Monster Magnet releases for the “best in the genre in quite for quite a while” accolade. I’m being really spoiled here!!


This LP is the band’s third release after a self-titled debut EP and then a debut LP entitled ‘Believers In Medicine’, and once again it looks like I’m spending more money thanks to Uber Roick!!! When I tried to research this band I found very little out there apart from the fact that they had won two Woody’s, which apparently is a heavy metal award out of Oklahoma (cue the Doris Day comparisons) one in 2011 and one in 2012.


Looking at Rainbows Are Free sonically they kind of fall somewhere between doom, psychedelia and stoner, but at times influences come from a totally different left of field angle and I even hear hints of what Dead Shed Jokers are doing right here in Wales. Check out ‘Cadillac’ if you don't believe me or is the influence a bit earlier a la the Doors? ‘Snake Bitten By Love’ sends a bit of a Sabbath vibe out into the ether but morphs into a very classic metal riff and vocal and is probably the stand out for me on the LP. Then it’s Dead Shed Jokers time again on ‘Burn And Die’ (and its definitely the vocals of one B. Fain Kistler, sending me along that train of thought).


Again just like that Kamchatka record I reviewed earlier this week this is a stunner of an LP, but I have to say the opening track has probably the longest title I have come across. Imagine opening the live show with “Hey Oklahoma, how you doing? We are Rainbows Are Free, and this is ‘Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfuckers From A Place Beyond Hell’!!!!” Classic stuff, and almost Spinal Tap-esque!!! I can just see the stage show now!


I love this record.

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Nev Brooks
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