RAF w/ The Sword, Eagle Claw

"It’s rare that one can attend a concert and feel completely stoked the entire time, but recently I was able to do just that. Austin-based riff-rockers The Sword descended upon the ACM Performance Lab in downtown Oklahoma City on Friday night as did I. Upon arriving at a parking lot that I worked at for ~four years in high school, my most hated former coworker demanded that I pay the $5 (bastard) but the night got off to an excellent start regardless. The line for entry was a little sluggish, but that’s a minor complaint. The venue was excellent. They allowed re-entry, had a huge, clean bathroom, and excellent sound, lighting, etc. From what I understand, it is run by students from ACM@UCO which is pretty badass. It was a very positive experience.

Norman’s Rainbows are Free kicked off the evening. This was my second time to be fortunate enough to see them. Simply put, I absolutely love this band. Their sound is organic and tasty. Basically, it’s good-ass rock and roll. Listening to Rainbows are Free makes me want to lean on a truck bed on a hot summer day while drinking an ice-cold beer. I respond positively to stimuli that elicit that response in me, so I love Rainbows are Free. Their set Friday was excellent. (Guitar nerd engage). I was positioned directly in front of lead guitarist Richie Tarver’s amp, and the tone was absolutely superb. Watching RAF play is kind of like watching a bunch of dogs fight. It’s playful and interesting and a lot of fun, but then out of nowhere the dogs begin tearing and scratching and making a ton of racket. It’s terrifying for a minute, and it reminds you that you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Basically, what you’re dealing with when you see Rainbows are Free is a bunch of crunchy, snaky riffs, a driving beat, vocals that teeter on the edge of a howl and a scream, and enough atmospheric breaks to grown an entire garden of shrooms. Go see this band as soon as possible, and buy their debut album, “Believers in Medicine” out now on Guestroom Records. Apparently they’re playing on Tuesday, March 15 somewhere in Austin for SXSW. That’s sweet. Hopefully i’ll make it down."

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