Oklahoma band Q&A: Rainbows Are Free answers call of almighty riff
Oklahoma band Q&A: Rainbows Are Free uses its classic rock and metal roots to answer the call of the almighty riff. [Read More...]
Devil's Advocates

It’s good to shake up this monolithic, Oklahoman infusion of politics and religion.

— Richie Tarver [Read More...]
Rainbows Are Free for Free Tomorrow at Opolis
"Experiencing Rainbows Are Free's heavy metal goodness doesn't necessarily entail seeing them perform live. The band has never played a gig in Europe but they have a large and enthusiastic following there because of Internet access."
Color of Blight
There are several reasons why Norman’s Rainbows Are Free describes its sound as “heavy devil music.” There’s the heavy riffage, pounding percussion, mind-bending psychedelia, rants against religion and … well, this...

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Rainbows Are Free-Super Rock Power Hour
"They're from somewhere in Oklahoma. The part of Oklahoma that has UFO cults, bathtub acid, wizard robes, custom vans and amplifiers the size of refrigerators. There's a good chance Rainbows will blow your mind for good, so use caution..." -Classic Rock Magazine (Summer 2011 special issue)
Rainbows Are Free
"Rainbows are Free rock so hard that they'll be opening for Queensryche later this year at the legendary Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. Since you don't want to wait 'til Fall to catch these guys you'd better catch them here in Norman first! Not only does this band sound great but they also put on a really fun and interesting live show. Brandon Kistler, the vocalist from the band never fails to give it up. I promise you'll be mesmerized by his psychelidic stage antics. The band behind the man fuel the raw power and heavy manic tunes that'll keep you coming back for more."

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