Rainbows Are Free at Norman Music Fest 5
Rainbows Are Free, hands down, put on the best performance of the weekend.

Rainbows Are Free's sonic locus appears on the rock 'n roll family tree at the point where proto-metal and heavy psychedelia shared a common apocryphal ancestor before branching off into their own distinct lineages. Believers in Medicine is indicative of this relationship, ripe with heavy riffage and stoner swagger.

I didn't write that, they did. I could never come up with anything to top that.

If you are into bands like Black Sabbath, The Damned and Hawkwind you'll love Rainbows Are Free. Their set (which started with the band wearing some type of Grim Reaper/Evil Wizard/Goth Worship costumes) was loud, fast and furious. You've got to love a lead singer who keeps a microphone in one hand, a PBR Tall Boy in the other, and when asked to choose which to let fall to the stage, the death grip on the beer wins out. When Rainbows Are Free takes the stage, you can expect to take your first breath about fifteen minutes after the set has ended, if you survive. If you survive.
Queensryche: 30 Years just getting started
"... I honestly thought these guys were the techs getting the drums, guitars and mics set up, I was way off base. The “everyman” band launches into their set and lumbering onstage is a towering figure in a western shirt and cowboy hat carrying multiple cans and bottles. Again, I thought perhaps a roadie is bringing up refreshment for these guys. Once again, I was mistaken. Now realizing, that this indeed was the band, I was able to settle in and enjoy what can only be explained as a huge surprise. Norman, OK based Rainbows Are Free comes across as a Black Sabbath sound, with slow tempo, but crunching guitars. They won the 2011 "Woody Award" for "Best Metal Artist" in Oklahoma." [Read More...]
RAF w/ The Sword, Eagle Claw
"I was positioned directly in front of lead guitarist Richie Tarver’s amp, and the tone was absolutely superb. Watching RAF play is kind of like watching a bunch of dogs fight. It’s playful and interesting and a lot of fun, but then out of nowhere the dogs begin tearing and scratching and making a ton of racket. It’s terrifying for a minute, and it reminds you that you don’t know what you’re dealing with." [Read More...]
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