Album Cover
Believers in Medicine
Rainbows Are Free
Released: Apr 17, 2010
Label: Guestroom Records Records
Track Listing
1 Slow Train
2 Freedumb
3 Come
4 Believers In Medicine
5 Last Supper
6 Are You Dead
7 J.C. Vs Penicillin
8 Sinking Ship
9 The Battle of Procreation

Liner Notes

Recorded at Bell Labs, Norman, OK. Engineered and Mixed by Trent Bell

Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios, Turtle Creek, PA

All Music by Rainbows Are Free

Featuring Matt Duckworth (drums) from Stardeath and White Dwarfs (Warner Bros.)


Wild Redneck hippies on Angel Dust
Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives
"I think I first heard of Rainbows Are Free when either The Soda Shop blog or Heavy Planet blog or Meteor City blog posted the song "Are You Dead?". The transcendental and liberal message combined with stoner rock riffing and manic outro-vamping makes for one of the best rock 'n roll songs of the last five years, and the wild and flamboyant vocal performance really hooked me. " -DMAL [Read More...]
Current Rotation
The Soda Shop
The band, Rainbows Are Free. The album, Believers in Medicine. If you like good ol fuzzed out hard rock and roll, Rainbows Are Free have you covered. Believers in Medicine is one hell of an album too. The guitars are fantastic, fuzzy, heavy and there are plenty of riff to stuck in your head. [Read More...]
Color of Blight
Oklahoma Gazette
There are several reasons why Norman’s Rainbows Are Free describes its sound as “heavy devil music.” There’s the heavy riffage, pounding percussion, mind-bending psychedelia, rants against religion and … well, this... [Read More...]
Rainbows Are Free-Super Rock Power Hour
Classic Rock Magazine, UK
"They're from somewhere in Oklahoma. The part of Oklahoma that has UFO cults, bathtub acid, wizard robes, custom vans and amplifiers the size of refrigerators. There's a good chance Rainbows will blow your mind for good, so use caution..." -Classic Rock Magazine (Summer 2011 special issue)
A name's just a name...
Ride With the Devil
"So, on paper you may be excused from thinking Rainbows Are Free may appear to sound like a Village People tribute band, but they're far from it. Obviously. These guys have balls. Ok, the Village People had 'balls' too, they loved them, but thats in a whole different way." [Read More...]
RAF-Believers In Medicine
Decibel Magazine
"they genuinely fire up the burners and kick ass with a lumbering gallop, fuzzed-out leads and Brandon Kistler's straight-edge Ozzy vocals"
Recent Releases-Rainbows Are Free
Aquarius Records
"They don't really let ever let up, with wild, even more fuzz-filled soloing and a vocal style that surprises by morphing from a stoner drawl into what sounds more like a frothing rabid Rob Halford from Judas Priest!" [Read More...]